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For all ring addicts, the slightly obsessive trend of the house of DI GIORGIO will not go unnoticed. XL rings, easy chic and neo-romantic rings or rings that transform materials... They sublimate the hands and give a twist to the most basic of looks!
It's safe to say that the ring is the masterpiece of DI GIORGIO.


So what? Is it the symbolism of the jewel that is so important to the designer? Not in the least... It's simply that, according to Xavier Di Giorgio, a woman's hands and gestures say a lot about her. Dressing them to allow each woman to express her personality and break free from convention: this is the keystone of DI GIORGIO creation. Xavier di Giorgio never forgets that a woman will wear his rings and that they will finally come to life once slipped on her finger...

And it is because it is both a question of personality and personalization that the brand displays this pronounced taste for stacking and this identity oriented towards DIY rings, or in any case to compose oneself. Let us explain...


Stacking or stacking rings has become a real signature for DI GIORGIO. In 2009, the company launched its first collection of fine rings to be stacked by oneself with the FUNKY RINGS.

Ultra-original and a forerunner, DI GIORGIO offers the possibility of composing one's own ring via a large choice of pearled, rhinestoned, coloured, twisted and zirconium-encrusted silver rings.... to accumulate on the finger.
You will have understood, this collection offers the possibility to create a tailor-made ring and especially to mix and remix the rings as much as you want.

From preppy inspiration to the glam'rock trend, the FUNKY collection is the beginning of a success story between DI GIORGIO and the "Pimp your ring" concept; a concept that will be revived a few years later, in 2015, for a flagship collection, the brand's event collection: The Manhattan collection!