Designer Di Giorgio


Sterling Silver DNA - Portrait of an Avant-Garde House
In a world of “academic jewelry”, the DI GIORGIO house stands out from the crowd. Such was the ambition of its founder, Xavier Di Giorgio. Founded in 2006, the brand quickly grew into a creative vision of costume jewelry with a luxury hallmark. Almost ten years later, the dream is still going strong. But Xavier will never surrender his early ambitions, which remain his motivation to this day. These core values are driven by a desire to render a high-end aesthetic more accessible. Many of DI GIORGIO’s designs are crafted from precious silver ( 925/00 gram), a high-quality metal, while remaining stylish, durable and affordable. Collections such as MANHATTAN feel especially luxurious with their fine precious stones… From sapphire to topaz, amethyst and ruby, these jewel-encrusted stackables are ready to mix and match! Silhouettes are reminiscent of yesterday’s fashions but also take their lead from the latest catwalk trends, an endless source of inspiration… All this reveals the true spirit of the DI GIORGIO house, a symbol of timeless elegance… Perhaps the most accurate definition of its ethos.

The DI GIORGIO spirit lies in the ambivalence of a skillfully orchestrated mix between luxury and creativity. The brand gives a new lease of life to classic jewelry, infusing it with a modern twist to produce on-trend, affordable pieces that never go out of style. Jewels should be thought of as the accessory of a lifetime, not a passing fad. This is what sets DI GIORGIO apart from other costume jewelers: real pieces with their own sense of identity. DI GIORGIO is proud to uphold the values and standards set by brand founder Xavier Di Giorgio.

The Dolce Storia
An Italian father, a French mother, a dual culture that lends itself perfectly to the spirit of a high-end costume jewelry brand. Jewelry, a natural evolution… Besides, jewels are universal, they reach across all cultures, all horizons… Xavier Di Giorgio has grown up in these two countries whose history and culture are closely tied to fashion: Italy and France, luxury and style ambassadors the world over. Today, the brand bears the famous “Designed In France” and “Made in Italy” labels, enjoying the best of both worlds…

Ring addicts will undoubtedly have noticed the must-have trends at DI GIORGIO. Oversized, easy-chic, neo-romantic rings, or even rings that play with unconventional materials… They enhance the hands and instantly upgrade everyday style! It’s safe to say that rings are DI GIORGIO’s masterpieces. For Xavier Di Giorgio, the hands of a woman and her body language say a lot about her. Embellishing them enables every woman to express her personality and free herself from convention, and is key to the DI GIORGIO design philosophy. Xavier Di Giorgio never forgets that a woman will ultimately wear his rings, and that they will only truly come alive once slipped on their fingers… And it is because it is both a matter of personality and personalisation that the brand shows a flair for stacking and DIY-oriented rings.

Stackable rings have become a DI GIORGIO style signature. In 2009, the house launched FUNKY RINGS, its first ever collection of thin stackables. A trailblazer at the time, DI GIORGIO gave women the opportunity of creating their own combination thanks to a large choice of silver rings set with pearls, rhinestones, colors, braids, zirconiums… Made to measure rings with infinite possibilities! Inspired by preppy looks and glam rock fashion, the FUNKY collection marked the start of a success story between DI GIORGIO and the “Pimp your ring” concept, which was updated in 2015 for the brand’s signature collection: Manhattan!